Ministry at New Life

New Life offers a range of opportunities for all ages to get involved and fellowship.
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This ministry is designed for the stimulation and engagement of inquisitive young minds from infants to three years old in efforts to cultivate an energetic, warm, and affirming space for them to learn, play, and grow in the Treehouse and from Kendi, the wise African Sage.



Sparks is an affirming, innovative, and nurturing space for the budding brilliance and identities of children 3-5 years old where they can learn, play and grow in the Treehouse and from Kendi, the wise African Sage.


Our sprouts ministries is geared toward the spiritual formation of youth 6 years to eight old through a mixture of Christian education curriculum and exciting activities both in and outside of the space to foster a love for God, themselves, and others. In Sprouts, they will also be guided by Kendi, the wise African Sage.


The Vine - 9 TO 12 & 13 TO 15

This two-tiered group of developing pre-teens and teens are known as the Vine Ministry. This is a critical age growth for both personal and Christian growth and maturity. This ministry will affirm students where they are and push them in diverse ways to grow and bloom in extraordinary ways. The nurturing space of affirmation, truth telling, and discovery designated just for them is the called “The Jungle”.


Y.O.L.O - 16 TO 18

“You Only Live Once” is our thriving youth ministry where teens are welcomed, loved, and supported unconditionally.  YOLO seeks to meet the needs of an ever evolving social and cultural trends at the crossroads with how to apply the gospel with those trends in creative methods that liberate, love, and enlightening students to blossom academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually... because You Only Live Once!



This ministry group is designed to serve men and women ages 19-40. Within THRIVE there are two groups 19-25 and 26-40. This ministry group seeks to help people thrive in their spirituality, discipleship, vocations and relationships. Through engaging talks, seminars and biblical study we seek to help individuals grow in their faith.



Roots play an integral part in the cultivation of any tree. Strong Roots produce strong trees. Roots play an integral part in the cultivation of any tree.  At New Life Church, we honor, respect, and depend on those in this ministry to lead the way in all that God is calling us to become as a body of believers focused on making impactful change on our community and our world. The Roots fellowship is designed for elders of our community to be in conversation and relationship with each other through designated groups for Men and Women 40 years and up. Our Men’s Fellowship and Presbyterian Women fall under this designation. Come grow with us!



There is nothing like The Hedge! This ministry is designed for all Seasoned Saints to fellowship, worship, and lead our community with their wisdom, experience, and love. We believe that at each stage of life, one must never stop growing and seeking out God in stimulating and life sustaining ways.  Our illustrious Elite Senior Ministry forms the hedge of guidance, love, protection and wisdom for New Life Church.