james jackson, TEAM LEADER, director of worship & arts

James Jackson is from Los Angeles, California and had a great opportunity to be coached by "King of Gospel, James Cleveland". Growing up in the heart of Los Angeles, Jackson has always been dedicated to God, the church and gospel music. He began singing and directing choirs at the early age of nine years old. Jackson has also been one of the Gospel Music Workshop of America members since 1979. While a student at Sacramento University in 1989-1993 and 1997-1999, James studied music business and choral.

Jackson is musically gifted as a choir director, vocal trainer, organist, keyboardist, drummer, music producer and song writer extraordinaire.

Today, Jackson is the founder and president of the International Sound Music Group, the Voices of Sacramento Recording Choir and now the new Atlanta based group, "Atlanta Praise". He also lead the New Life Children's Choir to record their first album "Sing Praises" last fall.


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